Rens Bod

Rens Bod is a professor in digital humanities and history of the humanities at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. He was previously professor in artificial intelligence at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. His research deals with the history of patterns and underlying principles in language, music, literature and history from a supranational perspective. In 2010 Bod published a global history of the humanities which was translated into seven languages, including an English translation which appeared in 2013 with OUP: A New History of the Humanities. In 2019 Bod extended his research towards a general history of knowledge disciplines, resulting in the book World of Patterns: A History of Knowledge, which will appear open access with Johns Hopkins University Press in Spring 2022. Bod is one of the founders of the journal History of Humanities, and he currently serves as the president of the Society for the History of the Humanities.

Paper title: Three Challenges for Comparative Global Humanities (Panel 1, 1C)